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Discover the convenience of the Researcher OG™ Oral MC (Mike's Custom) BSO Syringe, formulated to align with your dynamic lifestyle.


It integrates seamlessly into your daily routine and is ideal for use during active mornings and throughout the day as a 'Sunshine Oil.' However, some use MC BSO in the evenings as it's relaxing. 


Many use Researcher OG's MC BSO throughout the day and other MC oils, FSO and MCO, in the evening. In combination, many will use this oil with our various Keef products to make their capsules. 


Whether preparing for a busy day ahead or simply maintaining your day-to-day momentum, this syringe is a practical choice for those who value versatility and practicality. Get yours today and experience a harmonious blend of over 7,000mg of total cannabinoids!

Researcher OG™ MC BSO Syringe

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