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Introducing the Researcher OG™  MC (Mike's Custom) FSO Syringe, your perfect evening companion. The MC FSO Syringe, designed to enhance your evening activities, caters to your everyday routine as a Sunshine Oil - and many prefer its relaxing effects for their nighttime routine.


Many will use this oil in combination with our various Keef products to make their capsules at home, and others will mix it with CBGa Crumbled for consumption as well—our products go hand in hand! 


It offers a practical and convenient solution for many who use other types of Cannabis oils that bog them down; MC FSO is designed to work well with your (ECS) Endocannabinoid System, and for many, it effortlessly fits into an evening regimen, whether unwinding after a busy day or preparing for a restful night - MC FSO is a great option!


This syringe is ideal for those who value simplicity and effectiveness in their routine; get one today - and one of our Keef products to mix with it!  Your ECS will love you for it. 

Researcher OG™ MC FSO Syringe

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