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Introducing Researcher OG™  MC(Mike's Custom) Sticky Keef - each gram contains 100mg of CBDa, 30mg of CBD, and 75mg of CBGa,  all non-psychoactive cannabinoids that offer a wide range of potential benefits.


With such a diverse showing, our MC Sticky Keef is perfect for those looking to balance their endocannabinoid system. Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine or to use in the evening.  There are many ways to use this product, from ingestion to inhalation. 


The Researcher OG™ MC Sticky Keef jars are filled with high-quality Morrocan-style keef that has been third-party lab-tested for quality and purity. Try the Researcher OG™ MC Sticky Keef today and experience the potential benefits of an actual entourage effect as this product was created to enhance how endocannabinoids work in the (ECS) or Endocannabinoid System.

Researcher OG™ MC Sticky Keef

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