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Riding the Carousel of Hope: A Father's Quest to Merge Compassion, Cannabinoid Research, and Community Support

Updated: Mar 3

The numerous videos capture Genevieve's deep affection for the carousel that was once located in Chase Palm Park. Initially, Robinson aimed to replace this cherished ride, but that plan did not materialize.

Over time, the nonprofit organization was dissolved, paving the way for a new vision: to promote carousel rides and, eventually, fulfill the dream of purchasing one for Genevieve for private use on her land with a home - one that Robinson plans on buying for his family in the future.

He took to the road, speaking at expos and events, including a memorable Circus Circus Event in Las Vegas. Here, the industry's focus seemed misplaced, as Genevieve's genuine joy was overshadowed by promotional antics, diluting the purity of the cause.

Undeterred, Mike continued his advocacy, driven by a deep-seated belief in the healing and balancing potential of cannabinoids, particularly in managing conditions like Genevieve's. His journey wasn't just about creating awareness and embodying the principles of compassion, care, and humility that he hoped to see reflected in the world around him.

"I've got several entities, and all of them will be giving to Genevieve in one way, shape, or form. I would not be in this Cannabis Industry if it weren't for her - I wouldn't even be in Santa Barbara when I first came here due to her needs. Someday, I want her to have plenty of room to roam about, her ride to go on daily, and a place where we're all secure and can enjoy life - all at home where I'll also have an office that's not 8x8! Big things can happen in little spaces with very few people watching."

-Mike Robinson, Director of R&D, ECS - Global Cannabis Educator.

Robinson's expertise is underpinned by his extensive research and collaboration with some of the most renowned figures in the field, including pioneers who played a pivotal role in discovering the ECS.

As the story of the Carousel Challenge continues to unfold, it serves as a reminder of the power of human connection, the beauty of selfless love, and the impact of a community united by a common cause.

Genevieve's dream lives on through the hashtag #CarouselChallenge and the shared experiences of countless individuals, touching hearts and inspiring acts of kindness across the globe. On Instagram, @CarouselChallenge is followed by thousands, and with the EndoCare Supply products featuring it, that number will increase dramatically.

"It's a check for a bit under 100.00, but it might as well be 100 million as it's the first check ever cut by a Cannabis Industry entity for Genevieve's Dream." -Mike Robinson.



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